Ok so,

My blog is no longer private because i’m so nice

I might post because I’m nice


My grammar is so bad right now.

Another Scam

*Tsk Tsk* Scammers will do ANYTHING for a stupid fantage account…..


Update 6/7/13: ANOTHER email about the SAME THING. This time, from fantageprizes@gmail.com. DO NOT TRUST ANY OF THE EMAILS I HAVE LISTED IN THIS POST. DO NOT GIVE THEM YOUR ACCOUNT.

Update 6/5/13: I just got the same exact email under another address; clearly they had to create a new one because everyone knew they were liars. Their mistake was sending it to me again -_- The email is free4fantagestuff@gmail.com. Although their email this time seemed a lot more convincing, DO NOT tell them your account info!!!


Some of you may have gotten an email from freefantage1000@gmail.com, about “free” items. Here is a screenshot:


I gave them a newbie account. This is what I replied:

Well ok. I seriously doubt you are legit, because this email isn’t actually from Fantage, so I am gonna give you a fake account. If I don’t receive the items, then…

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